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Steg the Stegosaurus Beanie Baby

Introduction date:June 3, 1995
Retirement date:June 15, 1996
Hang Tag Generation(s)3
Tush Tag Generation(s)1, 2
Value (3,1)$122.90
Value (3,2)$113.89

Steg the Stegosaurus is one of the oldest Beanie baby designs. Introduced in 1995 and retired about 1 year later, the bean stuffed animal was only available for a short while after the beginning of the Beanie Baby craze. The dinosaur set, which consists of Steg, Bronty, and Rex are some of the most sought after of the rare, old Beanie Babies. And given their later introduction, they are a bit more affordable than some of the rarest very old products.

As of the date this page was put together, recent sales of authenticated, so-called “Museum Quality” versions of Steg were selling for between $99 and $109. The difference in price being. If you’re looking for a good place to begin your Beanie collection, the dinosaur set is a perfect place to start. You can collect them all for between $200 and $300 give or take. And they are generally very available.

Steg Beanie Baby from the Front
Steg Beanie Baby from the Front

Steg’s fabric has shades of yellow, green, and brown. It’s eyes are inset and the spine of the dinosaur is tight against its back. The high quality stitching is evident from this and all remaining shots. The simple dinosaur is cute, and highly desired by collectors. The Ty tag, which can be seen on the right side of the image is a 3rd generation tag. There is no poem inside and no birthday, which are mainstays of these little bean bags. Most collectors entered the market around the introduction of the 4th generation tag. These tags lack many of the features of the 4th generation tags that people came to know. They have a simple “To:” and “From:” line on the inside.

Steg Beanie Baby from the side
Steg Beanie Baby from the side
Close up of the back of Steg Beanie Baby's Tush
Close up of the back of Steg Beanie Baby’s Tush
Close up of front of Tush Tag on Steg Beanie Baby Tush
Close up of front of Tush Tag on Steg Beanie Baby Tush

The tush tag is one of the most important ways in which a counterfeit can be discovered. The dinosaurs, all of them, have the same 1995 copyright on their tags. They can have either this 2nd generation tag or the all black-text 1st generation tag. The front has a red “ty” just like the hang tag. It is a distinct, vibrant red. Occasionally, the fakes will have be printed in a slight, orange tint.