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1st Generation Beanie Baby Hang Tags

Beanie Babies began production in 1993 and were on stores by 1994. The first generation was relatively unknown. Very few people began their collections during the time that these hang tags were on the Beanie Babies. The tags sport the familiar “ty” on their front, but with none of the frills of later generations. For really good counterfeits, the tag is regularly counterfeited – and one of the fastest ways to know that the critter you have is not real.

This guide to 1st generation hang tags attempts at being as thorough as possible. A picture of the 1st generation hang tag of each of the Beanie Babies that sport it is below. These pictures will be continuously updated as better examples are found.

It’s important to know that any Beanie Baby with the 1st generation hang tag will also have an all black and white tush tag. This 1st generation tush tag continued int 3rd generation hang tags. Additionally, if you see it, old Beanie Babies sold in the UK come with a triangular sticker on the back of the tag.

If you’re attempting to suss out a counterfeit, look no further than these examples. Start at the hang tag, look at the tush tag, and then assess the rest of the Beanie baby.

Ally the alligator

Blackie the bear

Bones the dog

Brownie the bear

Chilly the bear

Chocolate the moose

Cubbie the bear

Daisy the cow

Digger the crab (Orange)

Flash the dolphin

Goldie the fish

Happy the hippo (Gray)

Humphrey the camel

Inky the octopus (Gray w/ no Mouth)

Legs the frog

Lucky the ladybug (7 Felt Spots)

Mystic the unicorn (Tan Horn, Fine Mane)

Patti the platypus (Deep Fuchsia)

Patti the platypus (Raspberry)

Peking the panda

Pinchers the lobster

Punchers the lobster

Quacker the duck (Wingless)

Seamore the seal

Slither the snake

Speedy the turtle

Splash the whale

Spot the dog (w/o Spot)

Spot the Dog Beanie Baby UK version hang tag.

Squealer the pig

Old-Face Teddy the Brown bear

Old-Face Teddy the Cranberry bear

Old-Face Teddy the Jade bear

Old-Face Teddy the Magenta bear

Old-Face Teddy the Teal bear

Old-Face Teddy the Violet bear

Trap the mouse

Web the spider