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What Are the Original 9 Beanie Babies?

When Ty’s Beanie Babies began appearing on store shelves 1994, he released 9 original animals:

  • Legs the Frog
  • Squealer the Pig
  • Spot the Dog
  • Flash the Orca
  • Splash the Whale
  • Chocolate the Moose
  • Patti the Platypus
  • Brownie the Bear (later renamed “Cubbie”)
  • Punchers the Lobster (later renamed “Pinchers”)

These Beanie Babies came with 1st generation hang tags and 1st generation tush tags. While most of these Beanie Babies were not retired until after the craze began, the originals with 1st generation hang tags are worth lots of money. While a 4th generation or later Pinchers the lobster might sell for $5 to $10, recently, a 1st generation Punchers sold for $899.99.

Punchers the Lobster sold on Ebay for $899.99.

11 thoughts on “What Are the Original 9 Beanie Babies?

  1. I have a flutter beanie baby without a tag
    I would love to share a picture of it and the little white tag on the ty itself

    1. You should be able to share a picture here.

  2. I have ten four without the hang tags but the push tag is still there patty and the others have both

  3. I. Purple princess without tag. 1997 can you tell me if its worth anything

    1. Most Princesses are worth no more than $15. There are some variations that would make it worth up to about $120. Here’s a great list of the things that make Princess worth more or less:

  4. I was a serious collector , I have couple hundred beanie babies, stored in glass closed showcases, they all have hang tags, never been played with. I have Peking, Chilly, etc authenticated & sealed w/ certificates. Would you have any interest in purchasing?? At 77, I’ve decided to search for buyers, at this point not interested in e-bay.
    Thanks in advance for response.

    1. I would. I would be very much interested in buying both. I’ve emailed you. If you can send me a few pictures of them, I would love to see the condition. What would you want to sell them for?

  5. I have 3 of the original 9 beanie babies, legs the frog, pinchers the lobster, and Patti the platypus (magenta).. they are all in good condition minus 2 of them have half the tag missing but still has the part of the tag that says their name, etc. And my boyfriends initials from when he was a kid. Any idea how much it would be?

    1. It really depedns on their age. If they have the first generation tags, even if the tags are ripped, they could be worth $50-$150. If they are in perfect condition, however, and they are first generation, they might be worth $350 to $500, depending on the piece.

  6. I have a glory the bear unopened u got a price on that u could give me

    1. Unopened indicates to me it’s a Teenie Beanie. They are worth abotu $.50 each.

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