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Are Beanie Babies Worth Money Without Tags?

Beanie Babies without tags are worth a lot less than Beanie Babies with tags. For collectors, while the condition of the Beanie Baby is paramount, the tag, itself, is an important factor in whether someone selling their collection will get full value. Often Beanie Babies without tags will fetch less than 30% of their tagged counterparts.

Beanie Babies without tags are worth a lot less than Beanie Babies with tags. For collectors, the condition of the Beanie Baby, itself, is paramount. But part of that condition is the tag. Keeping the tags in good condition is the only way a Beanie will sell for its full value.

Tags communicate a lot of information to Beanie Baby buyers. An old, 1st generation hang tag, is rare. Beanie Babies with these tags are old. They are uncommon by virtue of their age. They existed long before Beanie Babies became popular. For the collector, this means one thing: scarcity. 1st generation Beanies of all sorts are expensive. 2nd generation Beanies are expensive as well. But age isn’t the only thing that these tags can communicate. The tags are often used in authentication. While many counterfeiters will sometimes replicate Beanie Babies, counterfeiters get things wrong. Both the hang tag and the tush tag are often used to identify whether a Beanie Baby is legitimate.

It’s the 3rd generation where things start to overlap with the craze in the 90s. Collectors who purchased Beanie Babies early in the craze may have purchased 3rd generation animals. Some of these can be worth quite a bit. But most 3rd generation Beanie Babies with are nowhere near the price of Ty’s earliest animals.

It’s worth noting that the many of the earliest Beanie Babies were different than the later Beanies. Patty the Platypus, for example, was originally a magenta color. By the time of the craze, Ty had changed the color of the Platypus to a deep fuchsia. The difference is subtle. But the prices of the two Beanie Babies is very different. Likewise, Spot was originally released without a spot. The Spot with spot is worth quite a bit less than the original, ironically named dog.

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  1. I have a Valentino beanie bear 1993 with star on tag, PVC pellets brown nose bit unfortunately I lost the paper tag . How much is it worth. Good condition just missing tag

    1. So my son has a lot of beanie babies, some without tags and some with…how do you know if they are worth anything?

      1. You couldn’t easily unless you’re steeped in Beanie Baby lore, unfortunately. Feel free to send me pictures of the beanies, I’ll gladly take a look at what you have.

        1. I have this Snort beanie baby without the hang tag. Is it worth anything?

  2. Hello, I have lots of beanies that I think are worth money from what I looked up. The only thing is they do not have the TY tags on them. Can you tell me if they are still sellable? Any advice? I can really use the money.

    1. Sure. Post pictures. I can tell you what I think they’re worth.

      1. I also have some without tags like the millennium bear with a error mellennium spelt wrong

        1. It’s a common error and the bear is a common Beanie. It’s worth a few bucks with the tag. Without the tag, it’s worth very little.

          1. Would curly be worth much without a tag?

          2. Not at all. Without a tag, you’ll get less than $1.

        2. I have a 1993 scoop the pelican without the heart tag, but it still has the law label. How much would this be worth?

        3. I have this same bear w/out Tags. How much can I get for em

      2. I have Peanut the Elephant. I read somewhere he is the rarest beanie baby. People will but him from around 8,000-2,000. But he has no tag☹️. How much money do you think he is worth?

        1. There are two versions of Peanut. There is a royal blue version and a light blue version. The royal blue version goes for between $800 and $1200 today. The light blue goes for $1-5. With no tag, both would be worth less. You might get $200 for the royal blue. Maybe $.50 for the light blue.

          1. I have a 3rd gen halo brown nose black eyes double r above trademark. Has tush tag but unfortunately I have had this for years and the hang tag is no longer on it.

          2. It’s not worth more than a few bucks. Halo was very common. The brown nose thing is a complete lie. It was always that way along with Valentino. There aren’t black nosed Valentinos and black nosed Halos.

      3. I have the large TY Divine the Angel Bear plush. My daughter took the ear tag off, but the tushy tag is still on. I got it in 2001. It has the three gold roses in place of a halo (it came like that), and gold strings in her wings, and a gold ribbon around her neck. I don’t know how rare she is, and the large TY’s definitely are not as popular as the beanie babies, but just curious if there would be a market for her. Mahalo!

        1. She’s not rare. And it’s a beanie buddy, which are very different than the Beanie Babies. Most Beanie Baby collectors are not collectors of the buddy line.

          1. Hi –
            My daughter has Batty the bat. However she took off the paper tag. It does have the TY fabric Tag. How much do you think it’s worth?
            Thank you!

          2. Depends. If it’s the all pink batty, it’s worth about $5 with the tag. It’s worth about $2 if it’s tye died with the tag. Without the tag, it’s worth almost nothing.

      4. I have one of the first generation ship the cat beanie babies without the Ty eartag. It’s in excellent condition because I bought it for my daughter 20 something years ago and she never even played with it. I found it in a box just now and thought I would check it out. Do you have any idea if it’s worth anything without the tag because I also have Pounce without the tag.

      5. Hi!
        I have a Princess Diana 1997 Beanie Baby, but her tag is missing, what would her value be about?

      6. I have a.peace bear but no tag its in good condition

  3. I have several beanie babies I’d like to sell but they do not have the TY takes on their ears only on their bottom (material rage) Are they worth anything?

    1. It depends on which beanies they are. Some are worth something without the tag. Most are worth very little.

      1. Is the pvc pellet princess Diana worth anything without tags?

        1. It might be worth a little. The thing is, there is enough on the market with the tags, it might be hard to convince people to buy one without the tag. You’re welcome to try. You might get $20 for it if it’s one of the valuable ones.

      2. I have a freckles beanie baby without the tag but it has the keychain with 7/28/96 and tag errors is it worth anything?

        1. Nope. Very very little. Maybe $.50.

          1. I have a 1996 Pouch Kangaroo. No tag. Is it worth anything?

          2. Not really. 1996 is the year that it was firstt made. That isn’t an indication of the year yours was made. And if it has no hang tag, it will be worth nothing.

          3. Hi there. I have several beanie babies I am looking to get rid of. I do have a Patti the platypus, but she is without a Ty tag. The other tag says it was made in 1993. Do you think this is worth anything?

          4. Really depends on the year they were made. IF they don’t have tags, you’re not going to get much. But if they do and they’re actually old, you might have something decent. Send me pics:, or submit a list here.

    2. I have smothie the girafe with red hearts i red online she is worth 100 something dollars but she has no tag how much ks she worth now :/

      1. Probably worth about $1-$5

    3. I have 2 the end 1999 ty (black) w/o tags what can I get for em

      1. If they have no tags, you will get nearly nothing. If they had tags, however, they’d probably be worth about $5. 🙂 So you’re not missing out on too much.

  4. I have these berney babies

  5. Lots of berney babies w/0 tags. Make offer.

    1. Which Beanies are they?

      1. I have a greed beanie bear ERIN American tag on tush

        1. I love Erin. At one time, Erin was worth something. But today, she’s pretty darn common.

        2. Do u know anything about the littlier kinda still a ty 1993 are they valuable

          1. Yup, none of them are worth more than about $1.

  6. I have a few rare ones they been in a plastic box always tags are great how can I sell them

    1. You can sell anything. 🙂 It depends on which Beanie Babies they are. List them if you can.

  7. Hi , I have the beanie baby gobbles without the tag. How much would that be worth ?

    1. A Gobbles with the tag is only worth a few bucks. Without the tag, it is probably worth less than $.50.



    1. I’d like to know if I can sell my beanie babies if they do not have tags on them. Thank you

      • T-REX – If it’s name is Rex, that can be decently valuable. You might be able to sell it for between $80 and $115. If it’s not Rex, it’s probably not valuable. If it’s Rex, but it’s a Beanie Buddy (big version of the Beanie Baby), it’s not worth much either.
      • BABY CHIP – If this is Chip the Cat, it’s not worth much. Probably only $2-$5.
      • HAPPY THE HIPPO – There is a gray version of Happy that is older. It might be worth between $50 and $300, depending on condition, if it’s been authenticated. If it’s purple, it’s not worth much.
      • CLAUD THE CRAB – Claude the Crab isn’t worth much more than $2-5.
      • GOBBLES THE TURKEY – Common Beanie. $2-5.
      • IGGY THE IGUANA – Common Beanie, $2-5.
      • RAINBOW IGGY – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • PATTY THE PLATYPUS – The depends on tag generation. Most Patty’s that exist were produced later on in the Beanie lifecycle. If it’s an early Patty, it might be worth a good amount. But based on the beanies you have here, I doubt it’s pre-4th generation.
      • HISSY THE SNAKE – Common Beanie, $2-5.
      • SLITHER THE SNAKE – Slither can be worth quite a bit. Are you sure you have Slither the Beanie Baby? Or do you have Slither the Teenie Beanie? If it’s the Beanie Baby it can be worth between $50 and $1000 depending on condition of the tag, generation of the tag, and the condition of the Beanie Baby.
      • SNORT THE BELL – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • FRECKLES THE SPOTTED TIGER – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • SMOOCHY THE FROG – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • CARDINAL – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • INCH THE WORM – Can be worth a little bit if it’s an older version. Maybe $50 or so. Most are common though and worth between $2 and $5.
      • THE PINK OSTRICH – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • STRETCH THE OSTRICH – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • PELICAN – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • TURTLE – Speedy can be worth a lot if it’s an older generation. Most of the time it’s a newer, 4th gen+ version. These are worth very little.
      • CHOCOLATE MOOSE – Chocolate can be worth a lot if it’s an older generation. Most of the time it’s a newer, 4th gen+ version. These are worth very little.
      • JAKE THE DUCK – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • COCKER SPANIEL DOG – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      • EARLY THE ROBIN – Common Beanie, common error, $2-5.
      1. I have Chocolate the Moose in Mint Condition. It is an older version. How would I go about selling it?

        1. Send me pictures, and I can tell you a bit more.

    2. What is CLAUD THE CRAB worth with out the tag??

  9. Hi,

    I have beanie babies without tags – Seaweed, Peace the Bear and Valentino Beanies. Will I be able to sell them?

    1. They are likely worth less than $1 without tags.


  11. I have hundreds of Beanie Babies about 85% with tags. Examples are Valentino, Gobble, Peace. How can I easily find their value? And also how do you find a buyer?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hey Kimberly. Most Beanies (Gobble, Valentino included) are worth $2-$15. Some versions of Peace can be pretty valuable. But most are worth a few bucks.

      You can certainly sell them on ebay.

  12. Hi could you tell me if these are valuable please?

    All have no tags

    Doby the dog – 1996
    Spunky the dog – 1997
    Bongo the monkey – 1995
    Blackie the bear – 1993
    Pouch the kangaroo – 1996
    Erin the Irish bear – 1997
    Scat the cat – 1999


    1. Doby was one of my favorites. And I loved the look of Spunky. When I was a kid I wanted a Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately now, these are all fairly common after market beanies. Bongo can be very valuable if it’s the right one. But you probably have the main Bongo which is only worth a few bucks.

  13. Hi! I have Jake the Drake but he is missing his paper tags. Is he worth anything?

    1. Almost nothing. but he’s cute.

  14. Hi. I was wondering how I could contact you about valuing a bunch of beanie babies I have. Some have their tags, but others are without the ty tags. I am lost about trying to sell them with so much other info out there on the internet

    1. Hey Tricia,

      You can certainly post a picture here. I’m happy to look at them. Beanies are rarely worth any money. It’s fun when we find one that is. I’d happily look through an image.

  15. I have Mystic with iridescent horn and coarse mane without tag. Is it worth anything?

    Also, have Speckles without tags.

    1. Both are extremely common. With no tags, both would get less than $1.

  16. I have a couple Ty beaine babies without the tags and I might sell them I have Pugsly the pug the Valintines beanie then a panda ,then I have the Ty December Birthsone with tag and then a couple more can u

    1. Hey Leah, you can try selling them on Ebay. But they are worth peanuts at the moment. Those are commons and without tags, you’ll not be able to get more than $1 or $2.

  17. Hi, I currently have a 1998 Scorch Beanie Baby without the tag, and was wonder how much it could be worth. Thanks

    1. That was one of my favorite beanies. It’s worth $1 to $5. Not rare at all. But I love it.

  18. Hello.
    I have the 1999 fuschia Millenium* bear from Oakbrook, IL without the paper TY tag sadly. Is this worth anything without the tag?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Heather, It’s a cute bear. But it’s worth almost nothing. And without the tag, it will probably get less than $1.

  19. I have the following Beanie Babies with tags, how much are they worth?
    TY 21C
    Peace Holiday Blue Bear
    Gift Peace
    Kicks (2)
    Signature Bear (2)
    Spangle (2)
    Holiday Teddy 1997
    Halo (2)
    The End
    Eggs 2007
    Peach 96
    Halo 11 2006
    DB Bear
    Sammy Bear

    and without tags
    Millennium (2)
    Princess Diana (2)

    Please let me know what the general worth is. Thank you.

    1. Every beanie baby on this list is worth between $1 and $5. The Princess might be worth a bit more, but that depends on its version. Based on the rest of the collection, I’d bet it’s a normal Princess.

    2. I have 32 beanie babies but with no tag can you tell me what there worth

      1. It depends on what they are. With no tags, most Beanies are virtually worthless. There are exceptions, however. If you can post a picture, I can tell you what you have.

  20. How about 1993 Zip” the kitty ..has pvc pellet no hang condition?

    1. A few things, “PVC” doesn’t matter in any Beanie Baby except Princess. It matters in Princess because it is a quick way to determine the generation of the Princess beanie baby. It’s generally accepted as truth that the very first one’s released were released with PVC pellets. Later ones had P.E. pellets. The presence of PVC in your Zip doesn’t affect it’s value. Being that there is no hang tag, the value of the piece will be much much lower. As to what it’s worth, it depends on which version of Zip the cat you own. Do you own a zip the cat with the old, white face? Do you own a zip the cat that’s all black with pink whiskers? Do you own a Zip the cat that is black with white paws and white ears and white whiskers? Most people own the last one. That one’s worth almost nothing. The other two are worth a little bit more.

  21. Hello, I have a some beanie babies i wondering if I could sell. (all without tags)
    – peace bear (1996 w/o tag)
    – bianca
    – cookie
    – whopper
    – surf
    – rainbow
    – ghoulie
    – batty
    – spooky
    – petunia
    – safari
    – wild
    – stripes
    – bamboo
    please let me know if any are worth anything!

    1. Hey Rae,

      Spooky is worth, maybe $5. Stripe is generally worth $1 to $5. THough the old version might go for up to $30. That said, with no tags, most of these, no matter how old they are, are probably worth less than $1.

  22. Hello,
    I have the Fuschia Millennium bear in excellent shape, but without the TY paper tag attached. I have the bear with the incorrect spelling of Millenium. Is this worth anything without the paper tag?
    Thanks, Heather

    1. Hey Heather, the Millennium bear with the misspelling is insanely common. It’s worth a few bucks. But not really any more. Keep it, enjoy it.

  23. I’ve got a few beanie babies without tags that i’d like to know the worth of!
    -peace bear (large)
    and -smoochy
    -fortune the bear
    please let me know!

    1. they only have the bottom tags ))

    2. There is no “large” Peace bear. That’s a Beanie Buddy. It’s big, and you might be able to sell it for $15-$20. Smoochy is a very common frog. It is probably worth between $1 and $5. Fortune is simililar to Smoochy.

  24. I have the mystic unicorn beanie baby without the has the iridescent horn,yarn hair and blue eyes. Is it worth anything?

    1. Not really. Especially without the tag. That’s the late version Mystic. Not worth much. There are tons on the market.

  25. I have an original “Halo” with brown nose but it’s missing the hang tag but still has the tag on the bottom. How much is it worth without hang tag?

    1. Nothing. And they all have brown noses. You might be able to sell it for a dollar to someone who wants it as a gift.

  26. I have 1996 Scoop with all tags attached
    1996 Jolly with all tags attached
    1996 Claude with all tags just not attached
    1999 Hippie with all tags attached with errors
    1998 Batty with all tags attached
    Do any of these babies have above average value?

    1. None of them are worth much. The articles about Claude being worth quite a bit are bs.

  27. Hello i have beanie babies CURLY NO tush tag is worth any money,thank you

    1. It’s probably worth about $.50.

  28. Hey I have some beanie babies but idk how much they’re worth
    -Halo 1998 no tag
    -KuKu 1997 with tag
    -Harry 2002 no tag
    -March 2002 no tag
    -Weenie 1995 no tag
    -Frankenteddy 2001 with tag
    -Signature Bear 1999 no tag
    -Diddley 2000 with tag
    -Chip 1996 with tag
    -1997 Teddy no tag
    -Tracker 1998 no tag
    -Neon 1999 no tag
    – 2002 Holiday Teddy no tag
    -Herald 2002 no tag
    -Millenium (exact spelling) 1999 no tag
    -Valentino 1993 no tag
    -Fortune 1998 no tag
    -Peace 1996 no tag

    Can u tell me if any of these r worth anything please?

    1. The only one of these that might be worth more than $5 would be the Peace. Peace bears, have a group of collectors that look for certain things. Pajama Peaces, for example, and bears that are made in specific places like Indonesia with a certain stamp inside the tag. More than likely though, all these are worth less than $1.

  29. I have a few beanies without the hang tag..slippery the seal. curly the bear .scoop the pelican. Fetcher.Beak.2001 holiday.and a few more just wondering

    1. Those are worth a few bucks each. Very little.

  30. Hi, I have a halo the bear with the tag, and the brown nose I was wondering how much there worth

    1. Probably between $1 and $5.

  31. Need help on a couple if you don’t mind as you are the most active/best source of info I could find after a bit of searching… Obviously, please ask me for any additional info/pics if it helps…

    My wife’s grandparents have been collecting these for years prob since they came out and has started giving them out one or two at a time to all their great-grandchildren which is how we have “obtained” them… While I am positive some they have handed out are rare, I can’t tell one generation from another really.. Long story short (or trying to be brief,) I never thought much of their worth until some family friend mentioned I should at least look them up… I strongly assume they are not worth much, but we figured it was worth a shot to consult an expert 🙂

    Anyways, here goes:
    – Goldie (hang tag bent but very intact, tush tag has star by logo, PVC pellets)
    – Patti (no hang tag, tush tag has star by logo, PVC pellets)
    – Doodle (no hang tag, tush tag has star by logo, PVC pellets)
    – Mac (no hang tag, tush tag has the holographic logo, P.E. pellets)

    Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on these…

    1. None of these are worth much. Goldie and Patti could be decently rare, buut you have 4th+ gen hang tags. Not rare at all. They’re worth a few bucks each. Mac and Doodle are later version beanies. Very common.

  32. I have a peace bear with no tag but the tush tag says it is from 1996 and an 18 inch peace bear with a tag. Both are in great condition. Are they worth much?

  33. Jake the duck (with tags)
    2001 Holiday bear (with tags)
    2002 signature bear (with tags)
    Coloso (with tags)
    Tubbo (with tags)

    Any of these work selling?

  34. Hello, I have a Peace beanie baby with no tags. How do I know if its patten is worth anything?

  35. Hi! I have a pounce the cat beanie baby without the ear tag. The butt tag says 1997 with a Star next to “ty”

    Is this worth anything and if so where could I sell?

  36. Hey! I have a bunch of Beanie Babies but annoyingly no tags, and their leg tag has faded as they have been sitting in my room for 20 years 🙁 Worth sending photos at all?
    Some of them are:
    Halo the Bear (with Brown nose)
    Halo II
    The Peace Bear
    The Beginning
    Mystic the Unicorn
    Ringo the Raccoon

  37. I have a PEACE BEAR beanie with star tag in a plastic cover in perfect shape…how much is it worth?

  38. I have had a little stuffed dragon since I was a child. I recently saw an advertisement for “rare, valuable beanie babies” that included a picture of my little dragon. He is missing the heart ear tag but the tag on his butt says his name is scorch from 1998. Although the ear tag is missing he is still in very good condition. What do you think he would be worth? Thank you so much for your insight!

  39. i have a snort the bull no tag, faded tush tag, i was like 5 when i got it (1995) is it worth anything

    1. Not really. Unfortunatelym

  40. I have the Peace bear with both tags…and the Valentina bear with both tags and claude the crab without swing tag…are they worth anything?

    1. Almost nothing. Articles saying the opposite are lies.

  41. I have a bunch of old Beanie Babies. Most of them from before 2000. For example I have Chocolate Moose from 1993. I kept all the tags when I was a child but they’re not attached to the animal. Any idea what it’s worth?

    1. Probably very little. Before 2000 is not early. 1994 was kind of the cut off date for the Beanie craze. Old beanie babies like Chocolate were made late into the Beanie baby craze and are common. Unless you have the tag, it’s worth almost nothing.

  42. I have Chocolate the Moose from 1993. His tag is not attached, but I still have it (and could probably reattach it). Any idea what he would be worth?

    1. It depends if it’s really from 1993. You probably have a late generation. It just says “Copyright 1993.” They all said that. If you ahve an old one without a tag, you might be able to get $50 for it. But more than likely, it’s a newer one, and it’s worth $1-$5.

  43. I have a 1996 Peace Beanie Baby, how much do you think it is work? I hear they are rare!

    1. They aren’t. Peace has some that are worth a bit more than others, but most of them are worth about $5 to $10.

  44. I have a 1993 scoop the pelican and a mystic the unicorn (not sure the year)
    Neither have the heart tags, but they both have the label tag (unicorns is faded)
    How much would these be worth?

  45. Hi I have some beanie babies without the tags on. I have the 1998 Halo Bear with limited edition brown nose and I also have the 1996 Peace Bear. I can tell the dates as it still has the attached sown in tag but not the TY tag. Please let me know how much they may be worth thank you.

  46. I have quakers 4-19-94 with tag. In great condition.
    I also have hope without a tag. Do you have an idea if they are worth anything.
    Thank you! 🙂

  47. Can u tell me how much the halo II is worth? It does not have the tag.

  48. Hi! I recently found the 1998 Halo beanie in my old childhood closet. It doesn’t have a tag, but the small tag attached to the bottom says it was 1998. It has the brown nose. Is it worth anything?

    1. Nope. Worth a few bucks.

  49. hi. i have pinchers the lobster but theres no tag 🙁
    would it be worth a good amount of money?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Probably not. But if it’s an old Pinchers, you might be able to sell it for a little. Without the tag, realistically, you’ll probably get $30 for an old one and basically nothing for a newer one.

  50. Hi,
    I have a 1995 Ringo raccoon, a 1997 Erin Irish bear, both unfortunately without tags and only a little bit used. Do you know what they might be worth?

  51. I have peace ty beanie babies….but i lost the tag on the ears…how much its worth?

  52. Hey I have a lot of beanie babies, none with the heart tags, and all have tush tags, but some of the tush tags are worn out, are they worth anything at all?

    1. It depends. Send me a picture of hte lot to

  53. Hello! I have The Cranberry Teddy Bear, Style 4052 And the date is 1993 It still has the tag and it hasnt been used except there is a name in the tag with small letters. Its the Second generation tag. I was wondering how much it could go for, As far as money wise. If you could respond that would be great!

    1. Ooh, nice! Post a picture or send it to The cranberry teddy is pretty hot. 2nd gen, mint condition would go for like $300 to $500. With some writing in the tag, you might still get $150 or so for it. I can tell you more if I can see the condition.

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