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Unauthenticated, Counterfeit Bronty Beanie Baby Sells for $29.40

There are a lot of questions about what kind of value a Beanie Baby gains or loses by being authenticated by a reputable company. There aren’t a lot of recent examples of authenticated Bronty’s being sold. But there are bundles of the dinosaur trio: Rex, Steg, and Bronty that have been sold together. An authenticated Bronty is likely worth between $80 and $100. This would mean that not authenticating, at least in this case, reduced the price by as much as 70%.

Counterfeit Bronty Beanie Baby

As I look at this Bronty, there are a number of things I’m struck by. 1) the back of the hang tag comes out the shoulder of the animal. This isn’t usually how Ty’s hang tags are stuck on. 2) The hang tag is in the wrong spot. Ty puts Bronty’s hang tag in its left foot about halfway up. 3) The animal itself, looks a bit overstuffed to me. 4) While I can’t tell exactly from a photo, the material used seems incorrect. The colors are good, but the fabric looks like it might be a bit more like felt. This as compared to one we know to be real (which can be seen below). 5) The face on the sold Beanie Baby does not have a pronounced nose like the original Beanie Baby. More worrying still, this Beanie baby is used as the picture for multiple listings on Ebay. Stay away.

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