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Bronty the Brontosaurus Beanie Baby

Style number:4085
Introduction date:June 3, 1995
Retirement date:June 15, 1996
Hang Tag Generation(s)3
Tush Tag Generation(s)1, 2

Bronty the Brontosaurus is shares a fabric with the later introduced Sting the Stingray. This beanie baby rounds out the dinosaur set. Not to mention it looks a little bit like a Lochness monster caricature.

The under-stuffed brontosaurus is an extremely floppy large animal. And (in my opinion) the cutest of the dinosaurs. Along with Rex and Steg, Bronty is a beautiful addition to the highly collectible series.

Introduced and retired before the Beanie Baby craze took off, this is a member of the set of Beanie Babies that are hard to find, but not so hard that they are uncollectible. A mint or near mint Bronty Beanie Baby that is authenticated will likely set you back about $100.

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